This week's Driven brings you these hot topics:

  • The fastest way to increase revenue growth by 10% to 25% without increasing customer acquisition costs
  • The sales buzz phrase you ignore to your disadvantage
  • A simple way to stand out among look-alike competitors. Hint: It's a skill anyone can learn.
  • Short takes: How non-writers can post effectively to LinkedIn; trends in account-based marketing; how to prepare the kinds of content your buyers prefer
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Give B2B buyers the kinds of content they prefer

Get the annual survey research report of current trends. The report covers these topics:

  • The top content formats that help B2B buyers through their purchasing process
  • What kinds of content make buyers more likely to share it?
  • How content can make a buyer more willing to take a sales call
  • The types of content that resonate in every stage of the buyer’s decision process
  • Tips: How to organize content for buyers
  • Ways to produce content that better meets buyers’ needs

Content Preferences Survey Report 2021. Demand Gen Reports. On24. May 2021. [Downloadable PDF. 22 pages. No charge.]

What are the current trends in account-based marketing?

Get the annual survey research report.

2021 State of ABM. Demand Gen Reports. March 2021. [Downloadable PDF. 19 pages. No charge.]

How non-writers can create content on LinkedIn

This topic is important for sellers and executives who want to post their own material without going through their marketing department.

In many companies, sellers must post their own content to social channels because they can't count on marketing to fill 100% of their pipeline.

"How Non-Writers Create Content on LinkedIn." Brynne Tilman. Bill McCormick . Bob Woods. Sally Jo LasaMont. May 19, 2021. Social Sales Link. [Video. Runs 10:24]

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Dave Vranicar at Driven  


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