We're coming down the home stretch for the first half of 2021.

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to dip into Driven.

Today's Driven brings you a solid lineup of both timely and evergreen topics:

  • A solution for information overload. You'll read how the mind maps that in today's issue will save you precious time. More substance, less reading. You'll also learn what to expect of the mind maps you'll see in future issues.
  • How to satisfy digital expectations of buyers. B2B buyers expect more from their digital buying experience. For SaaS vendors that sell higher-end products, these rising expectations present new challenges. How can you create effective digital sales and marketing content that moves complex buying decisions to a faster close?
  • How to close big, complex sales through effective discovery. The key to closing big SaaS deals at good margins is conceptually simple. First, find plenty of prospects who badly need the value you provide. And second, gather plenty of accurate information about them. But neither is easy to do, and many sellers cut corners. The results are lost sales and higher customer acquisition cost (CAC). This big mind map tells you how to run an effective discovery process that helps you win more big SaaS sales.
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More substance, faster reading

If you missed the prior issue of Driven, you may be surprised to find mind maps here today. For an explanation, read lssue 64 here.

If you've read the prior issue of Driven, you'll note some new directions in this issue:

  • You'll see mind maps in every issue of Driven going forward. I produce the new mind maps with a cloud-native SaaS product called MindMeister—not with MindManager as I said in the prior issue.
  • Each new issue of Driven will provide a balance of both timely and evergreen topics.
  • Articles about timely topics will be short. For the evergreen topics, you'll find thorough and comprehensive mind maps.
  • You can view the mind maps with the links you find in Driven, but you can't copy or edit them. The evergreen maps are works in progress. I will continue to improve and update them after publishing early versions here.
  • Two weeks after each new issue of Driven, the evergreen mind maps will disappear behind a pay wall. You'll no longer be able to view them in detail. If you want access after 2 weeks, you'll be able to download them, edit them, and subscribe to updates for a fee.

If you're interested in one of the evergreen topics in this issue, click on the link to the mind map immediately. You won't have long to view the map at no charge.

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Good luck in finishing your half strong.


Dave Vranicar

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