Today's Driven brings you articles on 3 highly relevant, current topics. All are likely to have a long shelf life:

  • Feeling clueless about enterprise sales? Here's how to step up and lead. Sometimes you find yourself responsible for building or managing a sales team, and you have no idea what to do. Well, relax. You won't find better guidance than this.
  • Demand generation: Get off the hamster wheel. Win more deals faster. And stop hounding your prospects. Yeah. It sounds like hype. But it's the future of B2B sales and marketing, and it's at your doorstep.
  • How not to throw more good money after bad. We all have so many ways to make poor business decisions. Don't let this be among them.

After experimenting with mind maps for a few issues, this time I'm offering a new option. The main links will take you to online web pages I created with a software application called Notion.

The articles on Notion have many of the advantages of mind maps. You can still expand and contract text. And reading a Notion page on a smartphone is probably easier than reading mind maps.

Let me know if you have a preference.

Let's go.

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Dave Vranicar

Dave Vranicar at Driven  


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